Cats are not small dogs!

Did you know that Runnymede Hill Veterinary Hospital is now officially feline friendly?

For the second year running we have been here in Egham, we have been accredited gold status as a Cat Friendly Clinic as governed by ISFM (previously FAB Cats)

HeadNurseWithCatWhat does this mean? In short we have made it our priority to put feline feelings first in all aspects of our service. From the moment you enter our doors we endeavour to make the experience as enjoyable and comfortable as possible for your cat. For example, Cats Corner in the waiting room allows cats to be separate from our canine companions. Separate kenneling areas in the hospital provide an environment with reduced stress from noise, light and smell. All of our vets and nurses are trained in feline handling and behaviour, understanding their subtleties and specific needs.

The standard for accreditation is the same across the world so you can gain peace of mind knowing that Runnymede Veterinary Hospital has thought about your cat and are tailored to providing a high quality standard of feline care.


For more information please call the practice and we will be happy to talk to you.