Here are our Pets1st Veterinary Nurses

Puppy Party

We had a full house at last nights puppy party. ???? with Emma’s Animal Care & Training.

Last nights puppy school

Taught by Emma’s Animal Care & Training
Doug, Remy, Eddie and Logan. They played, they socialised and made friends.

We hope you enjoy our Pets 1st Christmas video

Thank you to all our clients and patients for your pictures and a huge thank you to all the staff pets, you have to endure a lot being a vets pet and testing and evaluating the Christmas merchandise is part of it.


We host puppy parties on the 1st & 2nd Wednesday of every month. For more information click here.

Here are some of our Puppies

Microchipping Event

The new law, which comes into force on April 6, will create a central database listing every dog in the UK.

There are an estimated 9million dogs in the UK, with up to 1.4million yet to be microchipped.

To help pet owners we ran a Microchipping event where we chipped pets for only £5 and donated £1.00 for every pet chipped to Battersea Old Windsor Dogs & Cats Home.

For more information on getting your pet chipped click here.

A Dogs Dental

Pepsi, a 9 year old Jack Russel was suffering from Periodontal Disease, which meant his gums were sore, his teeth had a lot of tartar and plaque and he had bad breath. Periodontal disease can also cause the teeth to become loose and can have a systemic (whole body) effect from blood spread infection which can cause damage to the kidneys, liver, heart and lungs. Pepsi had 4 teeth removed as well as a scale and polish of his remaining teeth.

To book in for your free dental check call on 01784 436367 or 01344 620504

Register Your Pet

If you would like to register your pet, or to speak to a member of our friendly team, please feel welcome to visit us or call (01784) 436367.
We look forward to meeting you and your pet soon.